Nominations are now being accepted for Council officer positions

It’s that time of the year when Council is seeking candidates interested in serving on the Executive Committee for the coming fiscal year. The positions include a President, two Executive Vice Presidents, six Regional Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, and National Leadership Council (NLC) Representative. Officers will be elected by the members present at Council’s Annual Meeting on September 19, 2020.

All officers of the Council shall serve for a term of one year commencing on October 1 of the year elected and ending on September 30 of the following year. The President, Secretary, Treasurer,   Executive Vice Presidents and the Regional Vice Presidents are limited to four consecutive terms of office. The National Leadership Council Representative may serve for five consecutive terms.

Please note that any candidates for the office of President shall have previously served for a minimum of one year as a Council officer or chairperson of a standing committee

A candidate for the office of Regional Vice President shall be a member in good standing of a chapter located within the respective region to be represented. The nominee or nominees for Regional Vice President shall be voted on at Council’s Annual Meeting, to be decided by a majority vote of the chapters present from that region, with each chapter submitting one vote. In the event that there is more than one (1) nominee and a tie vote results, the winner will be selected by the President.

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of these Council positions, please refer to Article III of the Council Bylaws. Nominations should be submitted by email to John Leonard at

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