Donate to Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited

The Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited (PATU) needs your financial support if we are to continue to move forward with the many programs that are so essential to achieving our mission – the conservation, protection and restoration of PA’s coldwater streams and fisheries, especially our wild trout resources. Membership rebates from National TU and revenue from PATU merchandise sales provide the foundation for funding our programs, but we are also dependent on receiving various grants and individual contributions to fill in the gaps. See our current donor list.

In case you’re new to PATU or haven’t been following our progress, the following are some of the more significant programs that we have either developed on our own or in conjunction with other conservation organizations and state agencies.

Coldwater Heritage Partnership (CHP) – provides leadership, coordination, technical assistance and funding support for the evaluation, conservation and protection of Pennsylvania’s coldwater streams.

Keystone Coldwater Conference (KCC) – a bi-annual conference which brings together many disciplines to focus on topics relating to the protection of our coldwater resources.

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) – an interdisciplinary program which teaches students curricular applications in environmental science, mathematics, social studies and language while raising trout from eggs to fry.

STREAM Girls/Keepers Program – a program aimed at engaging youth in fishing and conservation through Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art, and Math.

“Forever Wild” Grants – a program introduced in 2012 utilizing proceeds from the sale of our “Back the Brookie” license plates to fund brook trout restoration projects in PA.

The PA Council is the largest in the nation, with over 15,000 members and 49 chapters. Although we are fortunate to have a dedicated group of officers and committee chairs who give generously of their personal time without pay, we must add additional paid staff if we are to keep pace with the demands imposed on us by the ever-present threats to our valued coldwater resources. Your generosity, will ensure that we can continue to implement programs and projects that will conserve our coldwater resources and native and wild trout fisheries.

Please use our PayPal donation form in making your credit card donation online, or if you prefer to make your donation by check or money order, it should be payable to “PA Council of TU” and mailed to P.O. Box 5148, Bellefonte, PA 16823.