Although most Trout Unlimited members join TU because of an interest in fishing for trout and/or salmon, please remember that TU’s principal mission is the “conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater fishery resources” which support these salmonid species.

What You Get When You Join Trout Unlimited

In addition to local chapter meetings which offer opportunities to hear program speakers on a variety of fishing and conservation topics, your membership in TU entitles you to receive:

– National TU’s quarterly publication, “Trout”
– Annual TU full color fishing calendar
– PATU’s quarterly publication, “Pennsylvania Trout”

But the most compelling reason for joining TU is the opportunity to meet and work with others like yourself who are concerned about what can be done to protect and restore our cold water resources. Our watersheds depend on people like you getting involved to ensure the future of quality trout fishing in Pennsylvania.

By clicking the “Join Trout Unlimited Today” button you can check out the membership options, decide which one applies to you, and become a TU member today.