Custom-Tied Tapered Leaders

Custom-Tied Tapered Leaders


Custom-Tied Tapered Leaders


High quality custom-tied tapered leaders are offered in 9 foot lengths, in both dry and wet fly configurations. Dry fly leaders feature a combination of Maxima Chameleon hard butt sections with Maxima Ultragreen softer mid-sections and 24″ tippets in 4X, 5X, or 6X sizes. Wet fly leaders include two droppers and Maxima clear tippet sections in 4X or 5X sizes.

Price: $6.50 Each
Please be sure to specify types and sizes required.

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Dry Fly 4X Tippet, Dry Fly 5X Tippet, Dry Fly 6X Tippet, Wet Fly 4X Tippet w/ 2 Droppers, Wet Fly 5X Tippet w/ 2 Droppers