Quotes for a Cause

An Opportunity to Save Money on Your Auto and Home Insurance & Give Back to TU!

The PA Council of TU has partnered with Strickler Insurance and their “Quotes for a Cause” campaign to not only save you money on your auto and home insurance, but also to raise money for our organization. Strickler Insurance will donate $10 to PATU for any person who requests a quote and mentions “TU” during the campaign, which will run through April 30th. You don’t have to be a TU member to get a quote, and there is no obligation to purchase the insurance.

We also wanted to let you know of an exclusive PATU member benefit. Strickler Insurance has partnered with Donegal Insurance Company to give you an automatic 5% discount on your insurance simply by being a TU member. This would be in addition to any savings you would get through the program.

All you need to do is call Jordan Witman at 717-273-2641 or 844-655-7480 (toll-free), or click on the link Quotes For A Cause: PA Council of Trout Unlimited & Strickler Insurance | Strickler Insurance Agency Inc  to request a quote. That’s all there is to it…and in the process you will also be helping PA Council to raise some funds for our coldwater conservation programs. So, please don’t delay…this offer is good only through April 30, 2021.