Comments to PFBC on stocking Freeman Run are requested by January 4

PATU is asking for your assistance in communicating support for Council’s position against the stocking of Freeman Run in Potter County. This stream has approximately 12 miles currently classified as Class A Wild Trout, with the uppermost section qualifying for brook trout and the lower three sections qualifying for brown trout. Historically, it had been stocked by a local cooperative hatchery.  

PATU’s position against continuing to stock this Class A wild trout stream is outlined and explained in the Council letter sent to the PFBC on December 1. 

Many of you may be aware that currently there are 12 stream sections within the 9 Class A streams in Pennsylvania where stocking is permitted. There would appear to be a trend toward providing more exceptions. Should Freeman Run be added to the exception list, the total will continue to increase, and pressure will mount for continued rollbacks.

Council is requesting that your comments be forwarded to the PFBC in support of PATU’s position no later than January 4, 2022.

Comments can be sent via email to Ms. Yvonne Grier (PFBC Executive Secretary) at [email protected] or mailed to:

Commissioners of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
c/o Ms. Yvonne Grier 
P.O. Box 67000 
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000            


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