PennEnvironment is seeking your input on sampling PA trout streams

PennEnvironment is preparing to update and release a study on microplastic pollution in Pennsylvania’s waterways, with a particular focus on Exceptional Value, High Quality, and Class A Trout Streams in this version of the report. They are seeking input on local streams that meet one of these criteria, and would be interested in hearing from TU chapters and individuals who would like to have a waterway included in the study. 

Last March, PennEnvironment released Microplastics in Pennsylvania: A survey of waterways, a statewide research report where 53 of Pennsylvania’s most popular rivers, lakes, and streams were tested for microplastics. Sadly, this form of plastic pollution was found in every single waterway that was tested. Now this report is being updated to include some of Pennsylvania’s cleanest and best waterways for the 2022 edition of the study. 

There is no cost for participating in the study or helping PennEnvironment test a local waterway that you enjoy. Participants are invited to help take the samples and follow the required citizen-science protocols in doing so, but that’s it. 

Instructions, videos of sampling, and other resources that could be helpful can be obtained by contacting Faran Savitz, either by phone or email as listed below. If you’re interested, he would also be happy to talk in more detail about the project, microplastics, and other ways we can get you involved. 

If you’re interested in checking out PennEnvironment’s last project, you can read about it at, There is also an interactive map of all locations that were sampled previously.

Faran Savitz
Conservation Associate
[email protected]
Cell: 347-563-1406

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