STREAM Girls/STREAM Keeper program materials available from PATU

Every person is a citizen of his or her watershed and Trout Unlimited has partnered with Girl Scouts USA to show what that means to us.

By visiting a local stream and having the opportunity to observe it as scientists, anglers, and artists, girls will get the complete picture of what their stream could mean to them.

Over the course of multiple sessions, Trout Unlimited volunteers lead the Girl Scouts in observing a stream, collecting flow data, sampling macroinvertebrates (aka aquatic bugs), fly tying, and fly casting.

Each day also gives the girls time to intimately explore their natural surroundings and record their thoughts, feelings, and observations in their handbooks.

Pennsylvania has 12 STREAM programs in motion for the 2022 year.  They cover all six regions of PA.

PA Trout Unlimited can supply the basic materials needed to put on the program.

Note that we have STREAM Keepers field notebooks that are gender-neutral. At least two of our programs will be STREAM Keepers this year.

Please contact Judi Sittler [email protected] or call (814) 360-9492 for more information.

Visit the TU’s STREAM Girls webpage for more information on this program.

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