Doc Fritchey Chapter is Setting the Pace in Restoring PA Coldwater Resources

“My mission in our chapter’s footprint is to restore as many of the streams as possible.  The focus of this effort right now is on Lebanon County because it is a tier two county according to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and needs special attention. 

The impact of climate change is generally manifested in more frequent rainstorms and increased runoff which in turn is compromising trout and trout habitat, causing bank erosion, and warming the stream water.

Taking a page from Trout Unlimited’s climate change adaptation strategies, the following actions are part of our chapter’s work:

Strategic Responses

  • Warmer temperatures—Shade streams; increase hyporheic flows; increase cool water habitats
  • Prolonged drought—improve watershed function, store more water in upper watershed for slow release
  • Create large wetlands and riparian areas along streams that resist burning and reduce erosion hazards

Adaptation actions

  • Restore and improve riparian areas; strategic plantings of native trees; add structure to build deep pools; re-meander streams
  • Restore wet meadows
  • Connect rivers and their floodplains; replace undersized culverts
  • Increase width and lushness of riparian areas; expand channel width

Our chapter has multiple projects in the planning and permitting stage, several in the grant application phase, and several in the construction phase.  All in all, there are 10 projects in our portfolio.”

Russ Collins, Doc Fritchey Chapter

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