DEP announces $38.76 million in grants for Environmental Restoration Projects

Harrisburg, PA 
– Today, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced $38.76 million in funding for six environmental restoration projects of abandoned mine lands in the first of three rounds of the 2023 Abandoned Mine Lands and Acid Mine Drainage (AML/AMD) Grant Program. These projects focus on reclaiming abandoned mine land, decreasing abandoned mine drainage, and treating AMD through the construction, operation, and/or maintenance of an AMD treatment facility. 

The AML/AMD Grant Program began in the fall of 2022 as a single round with three application rounds planned for 2023 and at least $96 million in funding available through the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The program prioritizes serious human health and safety problems that are a result of abandoned coal mines, as well as treating AMD to continue restoration efforts under the AMD Set-Aside Program. By focusing on operation and maintenance needs or upgrades of AMD treatment systems, the program helps to prevent the loss of restored streams and creates significant water quality improvements that go toward watershed restoration.

The following projects will be awarded under the 2023 AML/AMD Grant Program:

Cambria County: 

North Portage (Little Conemaugh) AMDTP Design (GA) – A reimbursable grant to design and implement Phase I of the Little Conemaugh AMD Treatment Facility as recommended in the Super 7 Report and the Little Conemaugh HUP.  The Sonman and Hughes, pre-1977, mine discharges will be addressed in Phase 1.

Krayn (GA) – A reimbursable grant to design and permit the removal and reclamation of a large refuse pile and haul road, along with the demolition of five abandoned structures and the reclamation of two clogged stream areas caused by a pre-1930s era abandoned coal mining operation.

Lackawanna County:

Century Logistics Center (GA) – A reimbursable grant to remove mine spoil piles, backfill abandoned coal mine pits, and excavate dangerous highwalls.  The Clark underground mine complex will be excavated and backfilled to achieve a final contour to support the future construction of the Century Logistics Center.

Luzerne County:

Nanticoke Creek Watershed Restoration (GA) – A reimbursable grant to reclaim nearly 15,000 linear feet of channel.  Natural stream design best management practices will be used. 

Northumberland County:

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Waterline (GA) – A reimbursable grant to construct a waterline to provide adequate water quantity and quality to Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area an all-terrain vehicle recreational area.  

Somerset County:

Shade Creek – Central City Development (GA) – A reimbursable grant to complete an Active Treatment Plant Development Plan for five AMD discharges impacting Shade Creek to include the collection of historical water quality and flows, mine pool mapping, mine pool drilling and monitoring, plant site selection, discharge conveyance plan, estimated design and construction costs, and a sludge disposal plan.

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