PATU Annual Meeting

Save the Date – The Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at Lambert Hall in Bellefonte, PA. Please save the date and be on the lookout for additional information as meeting details are confirmed.

Registration – Registration information will be available closer to the meeting date.

PATU Officer Nominations are Accepted up to and during the Annual Meeting

According to Article VII, Section 2 of the By-Laws:

“The candidates for election to Council office shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee appointed by the President prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall not consist of any Officers of the Executive Committee. The Chairperson, through the Secretary of the Council shall publish and distribute, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee, the names of the candidates and the offices for which they are nominated no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.”

Annual Awards – Please see award descriptions below and start thinking about the people and chapters that deserve our recognition! Nomination forms will be available closer to the meeting date.

Award Descriptions:

Edward Urbas Award for Best PA Chapter:
Award given to the chapter that best exemplifies the work of TU, including involvement in conservation efforts, community activities, outreach, youth activities, etc.

Best Small Chapter:
Same criteria as Edward Urbas Award but limited to chapters with 150 or fewer members.

Best Chapter Project:
Award recognizes an exceptional initiative, project, or effort on the part of a TU chapter which demonstrates efficient use of resources and which utilizes effective partnerships with other organizations such as government agencies, other non-profits, schools, etc., and which had a notable impact on the community and/or environment.

Doc Fritchey Award for Outstanding Coldwater Conservationist TU Member:
Award recognizes a TU member with a history of exemplifying PATU’s core values and mission- conserving, protecting, and restoring PA’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds and who demonstrates a commitment to volunteerism.

Outstanding Coldwater Conservationist-Professional:
Award recognizes an individual, either from a governmental agency, private enterprise, or non-profit organization who has made an exceptional effort to help fulfill the TU mission of conserving, protecting, restoring and sustaining PA’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds.

Outstanding Volunteer:
Award recognizes a person who, while not necessarily a member of TU or a conservationist professional, was particularly helpful and who contributed time and effort to supporting a TU chapter or project. Their efforts on either a single project or on an ongoing basis can be considered and described in the nomination.

Best Chapter Website:
Award recognizes a TU chapter’s website that is attractive, clear, up-to-date and easy to navigate

Samuel Slaymaker Award for Best Chapter Newsletter:
Award recognizes a TU chapter’s newsletter which includes information about said chapter’s activities that is current, well-presented and clear, and visually attractive.

Dr. Jack Beck Award for Outstanding Youth Outreach:
Award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional leadership and commitment to youth outreach, programs, and activities.

Ken Sink Award to Outstanding Service to PATU:
Award is given to a person who contributes to PATU’s mission in a notable way. It is intended to recognize a person who had been involved for a significant period of time and who has demonstrated steadfast dedication to coldwater conservation, protection, restoration, as well as volunteerism and leadership. It is not necessarily presented every year.

Inky Moore Award for Outstanding Service to State Council:
Award recognizes a person through his or her recent efforts, shows promise as a future leader of the organization. PATU board and/or council members must make nominations.

Diversity Award:
This award recognizes a chapter that is engaged in adding diversity among the members in the chapter. It is important that chapters ensure that youth, women, and men take an active part in TU chapters. This ensures that TU chapters are able to carry on and it allows experienced chapter members to cultivate knowledge to new members. But it is also important that all members bring a voice to the chapter to ensure forward momentum.

Click here for additional award criteria.