Pennsylvania’s Wild Trout Need Your Voice!

Pennsylvania is home to 16,000 miles of wild trout streams.

Thanks to the Fish and Boat Commission, new Wild Trout waters and Class A Wild Trout streams have been proposed for upgraded designation. With your help, we can secure protections for these additional streams from development and pollution.

The public is invited to participate by filing comments in support of these upgraded protections. Pennsylvanians have been vocal in our support over the past two years, with more than 1,500 comments filed in favor of new protections.

PATU’s Letter of Support to PFBC.

With your help, we can see PA’s total miles of protected wild trout water continue to grow in 2022.

Left unprotected, these streams, which provide clean drinking water to millions of Pennsylvanians, are at risk of pollution and sedimentation from stormwater runoff, high temperatures as a result of the destruction of streamside buffers, and reduced flows because of water withdrawals.

Upgrading streams offers improved protections from development impacts and mandates specific streamside buffer requirements, temperature and chemical restrictions on wastewater discharge, and time-of-year limitations for construction within the stream.

Take action today!

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