PATU Western Vice President Lenny Lichvar Wins Specialty Award For His Outdoor Writing

A wild native brook trout from the Laurel Highlands.
Photo taken by Lenny Lichvar, retrieved from the Daily American.

Originally published in October 2021 by the Daily American, Lenny Lichvar’s “What’s the difference between wild and stocked trout?” won a specialty award, Trout and the Coldwater Resource Award (sponsored by Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited).

“The impetus for the article is that far too many trout anglers believe the only way there are trout in waterway is if they come out of a bucket. Wild stream bred trout have always been in existence and have survived and expanded their range and exist in far more numbers and waters than anglers believe here locally and elsewhere because of significant water quality improvements,” Lenny Lichvar said in an email to the Daily American. “When I was a Commissioner for the PA Fish and Boat Commission, I asked IT staff to draw a circle in a 45 mile radius from Johnstown and determine the number of trout waters that existed in that region which includes all of Somerset County. It turned out there (were) more miles of designated wild trout water than stocked trout water.”

You can read more about Lenny Lichvar and his award in the Daily American.

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