Doc Fritchey Chapter Uses Forever Wild Grant for Hammer Creek Restoration Project at Barry Farm Property

The project involved the restoration of 8,443 LF of Hammer Creek and its tributaries. In particular, they installed 4 ground water monitoring wells and 4 stream water temp loggers. They measured the depth of the ground water in order to determine where to relocate the main stem of the stream to take advantage of the cold-water seeps to cool the stream once it is relocated. This process is an ongoing effort and will guide the planning and design of the project.

They also installed 4 stream water temp loggers to asses the viability of the trout population and temperature conducive to various species of trout (brown trout, brook trout). This is an on going process and will continue through the construction phase to determine the impact of the restoration of the creek post construction as compared to pre-construction.

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